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Product Description

Sleek Ultra-Slim Window Alert

This Burglar Window Alarm is a sleekly designed unit enabling it to function   with many sliding glass windows. This product protects the entry of potential   burglars via its window vibration detection. When an intruder is attemption   to break-in and the window vibrates more than normal or is broken, the vibration   sensor triggers the alarm. Printed on the reverse side of this product is a   red warning label that can be seen outside through the window. It notes that   your property is protected by Doberman and deters potential burglars.


Built-in sensitive   vibration sensor   The perfect device to detect intruder break-in via the window of your house,   apartment, store, office or R.V.   Warning sticker helps deter theft   Includes 3x LR44/AG13 button cell batteries

* Alarm triggered after window vibration by an intruder  

* Quality protection with style  

* Slim design for sliding window compatibility  

* Warning sticker to defer theft  

* Loud 95 decibel alarm

  OPERATION:   Peel and stick the alarm to any window   Turn the Ultra-Slim Window Alert on, and it will sound when vibration is detected

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